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After so many trips on your boat for several years I think it's important that you know the reasons for us to choose your boat. 1)We have never come home without a decent catch 2)your hospitality is simply outstanding 3)you have taught several of my family members, employees and friends how to enjoy catching a fish 4)my 70 year old dad gets treated like royalty. You help in getting his hooks off the fish,untangling his line,cutting his bbait and making him that nice cup of tea when its slack tide 5)my friends and employees talk about the trips for several days.That "feel good" spirit lifts everyones moral.And that makes me happy 6)you have always been prepared to move to a new fishing spot if fish aren't biting. 7) And the most important one - I have always felt safe to bring my whole family.knowing that your boat is well maintained and that you keep up to date with the latest equipment in health and safety. Thank you Daryl for providing such wonderful trips.

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