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Customers from all over the world have used our services and many of them have good things to say. We will continue to aim higher ! Your great reviews have earned us the "Certificate of Excellence for 2014"


No 1 fishing charter
As keen anglers our first charter experience was earlier this year, through an alternative charter operation which was half the cost. We thought we'd try Megabites which is twice the price of the cheaper charter however since then we have been back on Darell's charter at least 5 times and is the only charter we will spend our money on. Darell's boat is clean, fast and safe. We've caught plenty of fish and never stay in spots for too long if no-one is catching. Darell is always happy to assist which is great. If you're looking for value for money and a great day out fishing, we highly recommend Darell and the Megabites team.

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