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Great fishing experience with Darell
We had a great time fishing with Darell. We had 3 grandparents, Mom and Dad, and kids 21, 18, 16 and 10. Darell makes fishing fun for all. When he hooked up he passed the rod to Kash_the youngest_ (even though Kash was baiting and and catching on his own) , allowing him to catch the biggest snapper as well as some catch and release smaller ones. He also handed 16 year old Lacie his hookup. Lacie hauled in a 4 foot long Mako shark. Catching the Mako was quite an experience for her. Mom, LiAnn was surprised and happy to catch a good sized Kingfish even though we were bottom fishing for Snapper. It gave her all the fight she could ask for. It was a good experience for all of us, thanks to Darell's attention and thoughtfulness. We would choose Darell again and highly recommend him.

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