FAQ before you get out Deep Sea Fishing

We will endeavour to make your Fishing Trips in Auckland as exciting as possible ! There could be so many questions that you need answers to especially if it's the first time you are going out on a charter boat fishing trip. You will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions here. If you have any further queries regarding your fishing trips you can contact us anytime on 0800 634 224 or 09-4447710 or Mob 021 0669195 or send us an email .

Q: What do we need to bring for our fishing trips? 
A: Bring your own food and drinks. A warm jacket or a wet weather jacket if the weather changes or showers are predicted. You could bring some sun screen ,a hat and goggles if you need them. You can also throw in some sea legs tablets if you feel sea sick. Most importantly, don't forget a great smile and a positive attitude which certainly does help to have a great day.

Q: What happens to our catch can we keep it?
A: Absolutely, Your catch is yours. Generally I like to put it all in a bin and share it with all members who come aboard. It is always nice to take some fish home. But that is entirely up to you. If you want to keep what you catch, then you can certainly do so.

Q: How many fish are we allowed?
A: Number of fish depends on the species and area of fishing. The Ministry of Primary Industries has set catch limits and we would NEVER take more than the stipulated quotas. Also most species have size limits and we will never keep any undersized fish. You can request a copy of the allowable catches from MAF or you could discuss this with the skipper while on-board your fishing trips.

Q: Some of us have not fished before, will we be shown how to get going?
A: Certainly. We have all levels of anglers who come aboard. Hands on tuition will be provided to get you going. 

Q Is there a BBQ on board?
A: Yes there is a BBQ onboard and is available only for group bookings. There is a small cost associated with using the BBQ.

Q: Can we bring our own bait and rods? 
A Yes you could bring your own bait and rods. Please indicate this at the time of making the booking. Having the right bait and gear helps in making it a successful day. So please check with us what bait is working at the time and also the gear that you would need. 

Q: If we bring our own bait and rods would you help us set it up?
A: Certainly, We could show you how it's done on request.

Q: What are the chances of catching fish?
A: Every time we go out we work hard to put you on the fish and do everything possible to give a great day out there. Our catch records are quite high. Some days are surely better than others.  It's a vast ocean out there and you will never know what you get unless a line is in the water.

Q: What time do we need to be there?
A: Please be at the place of departure at least 20 minutes before the time of departure. If you are early please don't load / board the boat as I have to do the safety checks first. As soon as we are all ready we could leave. Remember we must allow a few minutes for the safety briefing before we leave.

Q: Are Gift Vouchers available?
A: Yes we do provide gift vouchers on request. All you have to do is go to our "Gift-Vouchers" page and pre pay for the vouchers you would like to purchase. Once payment is received we would arrange delivery by email. Alternatively you could call us to arrange payment / delivery and we could send you the required number of vouchers to be used at a convenient date later. 

Q: What about Parking Facilities?
A: There is a huge pay and display Council Car Park at Z pier - Westhaven Marina. Generally there is no problem with finding a carpark. Please park only in the authorized parking spaces as the parking wardens are very strict out there. 

Q: Can we pay by Eftpos or credit cards on the boat?
A: Sorry we do not have Eftpos but you could pay by credit card at the boat. There is a small credit card fee that would apply. You could also make an online payment before the trip or pay cash on the day of the trip. 

Q: Does the boat have a toilet?
A: Yes the boat has a walk in toilet. 

Q: Where do we depart from?
A: Our fishing trips depart from Z pier (Berth Z-26) - Westhaven Marina which is on Westhaven Drive in Auckland City.  

To Get There: Take Westhaven Drive off Beaumont Street. Follow Westhaven drive (The road would take a bend left and then curve right). Follow the road and on your right you should find a sign board "Westhaven Marina/Bill Fish Café /Z pier Charter Base". Enter this area and you should be in a huge car park. If you are at Bill Fish Café then you are the right place. Please make your way to Z - 26 where my boat is berthed. You can all see the berthing layout map that is displayed at Z pier entrance.

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