Kingfish and Snapper Fishing Trips Auckland

You could choose a trip below depending on the amount of time you want to spend on the water and the species you wish to target. We do understand that everyone's requirements are different.Having fast boats means no unnecessary time wastage and it gets you there quickly. Which means you get more time fishing! We generally do not take more than 8 persons on the boat so everone has enough space on the boat to enjoy their day.(If you have extra numbers or additional children that you would like to bring onboard, please disuss this with us and we will give you the best option).

The snapper and kingfish trips are generally day or evening trips.For the more adventurous angler we can also arrange Game fishing for Marlin or Hapuku. 

We also do overnight fishing charters to Great barrier for groups only. We will arrange an overnight stay for you on the Island and commence an early morning fishing session to target some big fish.

So whether you are in a group or an individual, let us know what you want and we will endeavour to work with you. Alternatively you could pick from one of the trips below. 

Day Trips (7 Hours):
  This trip generally commences at 7am and is designed for the keen angler who wishes to have a decent amount of time on the water. This is a 7 hour trip inclusive of the travel times and we could fish anywhere from the inner Hauraki Gulf to the outer gulf depending on the movements of the fish. The Hauraki Gulf has many clusters of small to large islands and many reefs, pins and holes where fish are found in abundance. These trips run all year round and there's always some good fish to target.

Half Day / Evening Trips (4 Hours): This trip is designed for families with small children who find it hard to stay out on the water for very long. Or those people with limited time at their disposal and want to get in and out for a quick fish. This is a 4 hour trip and could be either in the morning or evening. If you want a private charter then we could decide a time most suitable to both of us. We generally do not run these trips out of NZ day light savings periods. During these winter months the fish tend to get out wide and a 4 hour trip would not allow us enough time to get out there and have a decent fish. 

Extended Full Day Trips (9 Hours): This trip also commences at 7am and for those that want to spend the entire day out on the water. There's time enough to go out wide and are likely to catch some kingfish as well.Group booking is essential for this trip. 

Kingfish charters: These trips would cost a bit more than the snapper fishing trips as we will have to get out real wide and also spend an extended amount of time on the water. It's all worth the fun when you hook on a big Kingfish. These fish are massive fighters and once hooked you are sure to get a workout. It's every fisherman's dream to land a huge kingfish! Group bookings are essential but If you do not have a group together, you could still call us and check. We do have regular kingfish charters going out and there might be spaces too that you could fill.

Methods of Fishing used:The methods we use are conventional baiting, bottom fishing for snapper. Live baiting and various jigging and trawling techniques are used for kingfish and game fishing. We can also take you out on a soft bait adventure using soft plastics and slow jigs if that interests you and if you have your own gear. 

Prices: Everyone's requirements for their fishing trips are different and would depend on whether you are in a group or are an individual wishing to join a group. Let us know what you are interested in and we would offer you the most competitive rates in the industry. Compare our services / facilities to our prices and you will surely receive what you paid for - Nothing less. 

Prices for Bait and Rods: You have the option of bringing your own bait and rods or you could pre arrange and get it from us at an extra charge as indicated below. It is important that you advise us of the bait and rods when making a booking.


4 and 7 hour trips: $20pp

9 hour trip: $30pp.

Rod Hire

Customers are required to treat hired equipment with care. The operator will charge for items that are damaged due to faults or misuse by the customer. Lost items will also be charged for. 

Gear for Kingfish:

Could be expensive and we recommend that you bring your own. Otherwise check with us and we will price it reasonably according to the method of fishing that you want to use.

Place of Departure:
Mostly trips depart from Westhaven Marina in Auckland City. Please see our map attached on our FAQ page which will help you.

Please remember to book in advance if you need that special day ! Decide a day for your trip and get in there first ! Everything else would fall in place later. Except of-course for mother nature who might put a dent in our fishing plans! Optional though is to have another date in mind - let's work around the odds of the weather and make this a success for you !

Please bear in mind that trips get booked out in Summer so get in there quick and don't miss out on getting the day of your choice.

Terms and Conditions
: Please read our terms and conditions page. By booking a trip with Megabites Fishing charters Ltd we understand that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions.


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