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  • Newsletter September 2021
    With Spring upon us we start getting ready for our busy working months ahead. Early starts and late finishes will be the norm. In the coming months life in the Hauraki Gulf will undergo a huge transformation. The activity of fish and birds will take many changes each trying to reproduce and keep its species alive. It is in these coming months that we will see large whales visiting the Hauraki gulf with their magnificent splendor and gigantic appetites that ironically feed on the smallest of creatures like plankton and schools of bait fish. It is by far the best months out there when nature is at its best and seen in all its glory.
    Posted: Monday 30 August 2021
  • Fishing Report for Auckland - 10 th November 2014
    Yesterday the activity in the Gulf was scorching.Fishing was at its peak with some nice Snapper, Kahawai and Gurnard on the menu.

    The is where the two major workups were experienced:
    (1) 36 degrees 32.326 south 175 degrees 11.686 East
    (2) 36 degrees 34.282 South 175 degrees 0.869 East

    Good luck with your fishing and watch out for the cable lines when in the area.

    Tight Lines !!
    Posted: Monday 10 November 2014
  • Summer is nearly here and the fishing is surely heating up and only getting better by the day. The spring snapper have arrived and the Hauraki gulf is a huge play ground at the moment with so much of life and activity unimaginable.
    Yesterday the work up off Tiri was the biggest work up I have seen in a many years. Read on for more info ..
    Posted: Monday 3 November 2014
  • Fishing Report - June 2014
    Check out what's happening with the fishing in the outer and inner Hauraki gulf including all the shallows. Learn where the hot fishing spots are at the moment and increase your rate of success in your next outing.
    Posted: Tuesday 3 June 2014
  • See where the fish are moving and increase your chances when out there.
    Posted: Friday 7 February 2014
  • Check out the latest news and fishing report in the newsletter.
    Posted: Wednesday 2 October 2013
  • Posted: Friday 6 September 2013
  • Posted: Monday 5 August 2013
  • Posted: Friday 5 April 2013
  • Posted: Monday 11 February 2013
  • Check out what's happening with the fishing and more ......
    Posted: Friday 30 November 2012

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