Terms and Conditions

By making a booking you acknowledge that you have read our terms and conditions and agree with them. Knowing what is expected and abiding by these rules is vital in any fishing trip. Please help us keep you all safe by adhering to these rules and listening to some basic instructions given by the skipper. It is fun day out there - so lets go out there and have lots of fun. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Customers are required to be available at the departure point at least  20 minutes prior to the allocated time of departure. Failure to turn up on time may result in the boat leaving and the customer missing the trip. No compensation will be made for such trips missed and the customer DOES NOT have the option of booking another date.The customer will still be required to pay any outstanding amounts owed towards the trip.
  • The operator has the right to cut a trip short and make a decision to return to harbour at any time due to any conditions that are deemed unsafe or unsuitable. 
  • Customers are always required to act in a manner that is safe for themselves and for others on board.
  • Customers are required to comply with any safety instructions given by the skipper. Failure to do so may result in the termination of the trip.
  • Use of any illegal substance or being under the influence will result in the termination of the trip.The skipper has the sole discretion to make these decisions and no refunds will be made.
  • Customers are required to comply with the quota management system and fishing regulations administered by government agencies. Fish put in personal bins are your responsibility and please make sure they comply with the rules  & sizes as per the Ministry of Primary Industries.
  • Travel times to and from destinations are included in the length of the trip.
  • All personal gear brought on board is the responsibility of the customer. Please make sure that you have adequate insurance for such items if required. The operator will make no compensation for any items lost whatsoever. 
  • Cameras may be operating on the boat at all times.
  • When booking individual spaces, number of spaces booked will have to be paid for irrespective if anyone drops out or does not turn up. So please be sure with the spaces that you need before you make a booking as we turn down all other potential customers once the numbers are achieved.
  • Photos taken aboard our vessels could be used for advertising purposes.
  • The operator has the right to refuse anyone entry on the boat due to operational or safety reasons. 
  • Health and Safety: Please ensure that you are fit enough to cope with the activities of the day. Please advise us when making a booking of any medical conditions, illness or disability that might not be suitable for the trip.


  • Bookings are confirmed when both the operator and customer confirm the booking either by email, text or phone call. Sometimes we may request a deposit or payment of full amount when the booking is confirmed. 
  • Once the booking is confirmed you will be notified about payment details. 
  • Sorry we do not take cheques. If paying by credit card on the day of the trip, additional CC charges would apply.
  • Prices indicated are GST excluded.


         Please choose your date carefully before you make a booking. Please note that once you are booked in, all other                     potential customers are turned down and if cancelled by you for what ever reason puts our booking system out of place.

  • Trips cancelled by customers anytime after it is confirmed would be liable to pay a cancellation fee of $50pp when booked individually or $600 when booked as a private charter.
  • Trips cancelled 72 hours prior to the scheduled time of the trip would incur full payment of the trip for which it was booked minus any bait and rods charges that was ordered. Outstanding balances will have to be paid in full.
  • Change of dates may be accommodated if notified at least 10 days prior to the trip and if those dates are available and at the discretion of the operator.
  • Trips cancelled by the operator due to bad weather or any unforeseen circumstances like machinery failure etc. will be rescheduled to another suitable date as soon as possible after the cancellation. If the cancellation is due to the weather and the customer cannot do an alternate date then the trip will be cancelled completely and cancellation fee of $400 applies for a group or $30 pp if booked individually. If the cancellation is due to mechanical issues / machinery failure and the customer cannot do an alternate date then the money will be refunded in full. 
  • Failure to turn up "No Show" for a scheduled trip will incur any outstanding payments for the trip and you will not be rescheduled for another date.
  • Individual bookings will be accepted but does not guarantee that the trip will go out on the scheduled date if the minimum numbers are not achieved to make the trip viable. 
  • Trips cancelled due to an "act of God" or a "Pandemic" where there might be a partial or total lock down and the scheduled trip cannot go ahead, the trip will be rescheduled to another date on mutual agreement and the deposit paid will be carried forward to the new date. If for some reason the customer is unable to do another date and requests the trip to be cancelled then the deposit that was paid will be forfeited by the customer. Deposits forfeited cannot be carried forward and used at a later date.

    Use of Hired Rods and Gear:
  • Please treat hired equipment with care. The operator will charge for items that are damaged due to faults or misuse by the customer. Any gear lost overboard will have to be paid for by the person responsible for the loss. 

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