Fantastic Charter - Twice as Good !!!

Myself and some mates thought it was
time for another Charter.Deciding on
which charter to use can be a
difficult decision with pricing,
itinerary and comfort all to be
considered. Thankfully we had gone
through this process before and since
we had such an awesome experience
onboard with Darell and Megabites
previously, it was actually pretty
easy this time round. Plenty of bites
followed up by decent fish. If things
did slow down it wasn?t for long,
Darell simply moved us to a different
location and it was all on again.
Everyone was enjoying their time
relaxing on the soothing waters
surrounding Auckland. I have to
say for all the fishing and
competition and banter between the
lads, Darell was always there in the
background offering advice, help and
getting involved but most of all
making sure we were all comfortable.
By then end, once again we arrived
safely back to Marina with our haul.
Having been out
Posted: 2014-04-01 08:58 by Cairan

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