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Dear Member,

Welcome to our January 2013 Megabites Fishing Charter Newsletter.

Needless to say you must be quite used to the fine weather we are having and the moment. Great days of sunshine and long spells of scorching days and blue skies. I don't think anyone is complaining, except unfortunately for some of you whose holiday is over and you are back to work.
Take it easy in the year ahead as nothing is worth getting stressed out for. We wish your family and friends a very successful year and yes take time to relax and put the chores behind.

In this Edition:

  • What's happening with the fishing?
  • Fishing deals and grab a cheap trip !
  • Our Sponsors
  • Whats working at the moment?
  • The Innovators !

So what's happening with the Fishing:

We have experienced some erratic fishing this year as the snapper are still spawning. The numbers are not that great but when they are on the bite there are some sood size snapper coming thorugh.

We seem to be plagued by large numbers of juveniles that hang around everywhere you go. The bait stealers are there charging for the bait and outbeating the lathargic larger snapper.
We find a good sign on the sounder and chuck in a bait, bang ! one or two nice fish come on board and then the baby army takes over. It is frustratiung at times getting through the smaller snapper. Larger hooks and fresh yellow tail or Kahawai if caught seem to elininate this to a certain extent.
Fishing at dawn ad dusk is also a key and the results are always proven better. Again the wind going in the same direction as the tide is an advantage and can produce some better fish with stray lines.
Hopefully the schooling snapper will visit close to shores sometime soon and the bites and numbers would increase.
At times , Just under the harbour bridge or heading out to the back of Kauri point has been very successful.
Places like motuihe and the hole at matiatia and Rakino have been patchy as well with lots of little snapper around.

Finding good fish on the finder is the easy part but getting them to take the bait or get on the bite is proving harder. The bite times are quick and furious and short lived. So when they are on the bite get in there , dont waste time setting up your gear or having a beer; crucial time, get in there and have it all ready. It might be worthwhile to have a few traces and gear all set up and ready to go, No time to set this up once they are on.
Here's some photos of the fish that come through once the bite is on.

Fishing Deals and Grab a cheap trip!
For those of you who love fishing but always find that too expensive, we have come up with something that you might want to take advantage of.

Soon we will be posting fishing deals on our website where you could come aboard our fishing trips at a very meagre cost. All you have to do is find the deal that best suits you and get in there quick.
Please be aware that this is on a first come first serve basis and you are the first to know of these deals being our loyal customers who have supported us for many years.
So if you want to take up any offer, Please visit our website. Please bear with us and the deals will be there soon ! Thank you everyone !

What's working at the moment

Emphasis is on for fresh bait. If you get some yellow tail , Kahawai or mackeral keep it as it worth its value. Nicely presented on the hook could prove a winner especially in getting those big whoppers. Pilchards and squid and soft baits as always are good but with the present large schools of smaller fish - You bait will soon be demolished.

Our Sponsors:
Busy times for us all and I guess we are still working on this aspect. It just might have to wait till the quieter months and plan a strategy for the coming year. Look forward to this though as there will be some great offers available at the best prices possible.

The Innovators

This new section on our website is proving quite popular and we are getting a few emails with peoples ideas. Thank you to those who have taken the time off your busy schedules to help us with this newsletter.

Please do keep your ideas rolling in and we appreciate all your ideas and innovations.

All you have to do is give us an idea of what you want in this magazine and if we use that idea , we will publish the idea with your photo in our newsletter as well as give you a free fishing trip with everything provided. We treasure your ideas so keep them flowing. No idea is silly and we welcome all that you have to offer. All you have to do is go to my website www.megabitesfishing.co.nz and click on the page "Blog / News" . Then click on the title "Innovations" and put in your great idea there. If we use your innovation we will contact you and request a photo of you with your authorisation for it to be put on our newsletter and you get your free trip.
So get your thinking caps on and be in to WIN !

In the mean time take care and have a wonderful year ahead ! Tight Lines !

Here's a bit of humour to lighten you up !

Robert Frost and a very keen fisherman both died on the same day and proceeded to the Pearly Gates . St.Peter met them at the gates , telling both that Heaven was overcrowded that day and one of the would have to wait to enter Heaven.

However , The one who would get to enter, would have to pass a test. Which was to compose the best poem, that rhymed with the city of Timbuktu.

Robert Frost being an eminent Bard, thought for a moment, and
recited marvelous prose all rhyming with Timbuktu.

Hearing the poem, St. Peter said, “Mr. Frost you have surely won!”

However, the fisherman, protested to have a chance, to which St. Peter agreed.

After a bit the fisherman recited this poem.

Tim & I a fishing went,
And we spied three women in a tent.
We were not quite sure just what to do.
So I bucked one,
And Tim bucked two.

The Fisherman got in!

Thankyou for your support !


Kind Regards
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Posted: Monday 11 February 2013


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