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Welcome to our Feb 2014 Newsletter.

We should all be back into the rhythm of things by now after the extended Christmas break that some of you might have enjoyed. Kids back to school and projects to be completed in time. Yes, I know , with kids there's always something to be done.

It has been busy on the fishing front as well. So far it has been a strange summer with the fish holding out in the deep and would not visit the shallows of the Rangitoto and Motuihe channels till about a week ago. The weather is playing up as well, with the Highs standing out in the Tasman for long periods and staying short lived when then reach our shores. We have seen quite windy days in Dec and Jan and is surely following the similar pattern that we had last year. The met service has seen some light at the end of the tunnel and is predicting some fine weather in the coming months. Hopefully that prediction will be spot on like their weather reports.....

In this newsletter:

What’s happening with the fishing?

The fishing is certainly picking up with the fish moving in up and close. The winds from the North have help push the fish in further and there's some fish holding in the Waitamata harbour and off the Devenport Naval base, just the consistency of the catch would vary on the day. 
Plenty of nice fish are starting to move into the Rangitoto channels with some impressive sizes of fish being caught there. Often 50 cm plus snapper are being hauled in from the shallows.

The Motuihe channel, Rakino channel and the worm beds are also holding some nice fish. Long and hard workups are seen up and close in the worm beds with the gannets and dolphins chasing the bait fish around.

There's some nice fish out at the Noises and the 40 meter mark out in the Inner hauraki Gulf. Some good size schooling kahawai have also been caught lately. Beware of the mako sharks that hang around amongst all the activity. They have been chomping our 30 pound kingfish being pulled in. Such a pain at times trying to battle the fish and beat the sharks to the race. I was a bit slow in getting some underwater footage of the attack on my Gopro.  Hopefully , I'll have it set up to capture this incredible footage of a live attack in the wild!

Government snapper regulations to take effect from April 01, 2014.

The new size limit of 30 cm for snapper and the reduced bag limit to 7 will come into effect from 01 April 2014. 

Competition Winner! $300 Christmas Draw !

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!  to Megan Singh who was the winner of the $300 Christmas Draw. Megan got the good news a couple of days after the draw and she was over the moon with the unexpected win. Thanks to all those who entered the draw. Please keep a look out and check our website for future draws. It only takes a few minutes to enter ,but you could be in for a good surprise.

A bit of Humour to make your day!!

Learn to Live...

In a shop a man asked for 1/2 kg of butter. The salesperson, a young boy, said that only 1kg packs were available in the shop, but the man insisted on buying only 1/2 kg. So the boy went inside to the manager's room and said "An idiot outside wants to buy only 1/2 kg of butter".
To his surprise, the customer was standing behind him. So the boy added immediately, "And this gentleman wants to buy the other half!!!!!!"

After the customer left, the manager said "You have saved your position by being clever enough at the right time. Where do you come from?". 
To this the boy said, "I come from Mexico. The place consists of only prostitutes and football players!!!!! " 
The manager replied coldly, "My wife is also from Mexico". 
To this the boy asked excitedly, "Oh yeah? Which team does she play for?"

Believe in your presence of mind and never panic! ha ha ha

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Posted: Friday 7 February 2014


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